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Massy Arias – @massy.arias

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#ootd @fabletics baby 😍 ok tribe read below! click link in bio to get this cute outfit ladies. In a perferct world SMR (self-myofascial release) would be done both as a warm up, and a cool down. SMR should be the first thing done to warm up before any dynamic stretching, or cardio. 1. Improves blood flow on areas that aren't getting as much blood to help reduce tension in muscles. 2. . As part of a cool down, it helps to flush out blood that has accumulated in the your muscles, to allows nutrients and oxygen to come in and begin the healing process. You will have better performance, and a faster recovery. 3. Following SMR, I stretch. Being flexible will help you prevent injuries, eliminate pain caused by tight muscles pulling on joints (specially on the knees, back, shoulder complex). Lack of range of motion which is caused by inflexible muscles, leads to improper movement patterns that lead to injury. Two minutes per body part will do the job. If any of you are dealing with back pain/knee pain and it isn't caused by trauma, then do not ignore this. WWW.MASSYARIAS.COM #FableticsAmbassador #childofGod _____________________________________________________ Feliz Miércoles mi tribu! Lean abajo mi ropa de @fabletics pueden darle click a mi bio 🤗 para este conjunto. En un mundo perfecto masaje auto-miofascial usando un rollo de espuma, se haría tanto como un calentamiento, y un enfriamiento. Es lo 1ro que tienes que hacer para calentarte antes de cualquier estiramiento dinámico, o cardio. 1. Mejora el flujo sanguíneo en áreas que no reciben tanta sangre ayudando a reducir la tensión en los músculos. 2. Como parte de un enfriamiento, ayuda a eliminar la sangre que se ha acumulado en los músculos, para permitir que nutrientes y oxígeno lleguen a tus músculos empezando el proceso de recuperación. Tendrás un mejor rendimiento y una recuperación más rápida. 3. Después rollo de espuma, me estiro. Ser flexible ayudará a prevenir lesiones, eliminar el dolor causado por los músculos rígidos que tiran de las articulaciones (especialmente en las rodillas y espalda). La falta de rango de movimiento que es causada por los músculos inflexibles, conduce a patrones

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Kelsey Wells – @kelseywells 

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PEACE OUT WEEK SIX!!! WHAAAAAT HOW IS THE #sweat12wc HALF WAY OVER ALREADY!? Insane. That’s the crazy thing about time — whether or not you’re working towards your goals, TIME IS PASSING ANYWAY! Six more weeks from now, are you going to be in the exact same place you are now? Or are you going to start TODAY making small efforts towards a better future and in six weeks look back and feel DAMN PROUD!? I said it from the start and I will say it again — #pwr2019 is about implementing habits that will change your life. Empower yourself. If you want a better life, YOU MUST. And no better way to begin than by caring for yourself and your health.🖤 #pwr #kelseywellspwr #pwrprogram

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Brittne Babe Fitness – @brittnebabefitness

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Squats 🍑 >

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Katie Crewe – @katiecrewe

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This is from a shoot I did with the wonderful @wolfs__spirit 📸 in December and I can honestly say it’s the first one I’ve done where I wasn’t trying to diet and wasn’t preoccupied by thoughts like “ugh, I should be leaner for this”. I just lived my life and went in happy to be me ☺️. – I think it’s extremely important to love and accept your body at all stages but I’ll readily admit that it has taken time to get here and I still sometimes struggle. – I used to HATE taking rest days (especially unplanned ones). I remember getting so anxious about it that I cried on a couple of occasions 🙇🏼‍♀️. I also used to really beat myself up for any type of divergence from my normal diet. Any enjoyment I should have gotten from fun social eating was ruined by my preoccupation with how I’d “cheated on my diet”. – The thing is, I KNEW BETTER. Even though intellectually I understood that a couple days of overeating and inactivity wouldn’t change my body, a little voice is my brain was always there telling me otherwise. It’s one thing to know something in theory and another to be able to put it into practice…and that takes practice 👊🏻. – So I decided to be my own case study. I challenged myself and sit in the discomfort to prove that nothing catastrophic would happen. Each time it got a little easier and I got a little more confident. – What’s important in my opinion is not never having those thoughts but choosing to challenge them so as you “evolve”, that little voice gets quieter (and hopefully eventually shuts up entirely) 🤐. – Just like it takes time to make long lasting (sustainable) changes to your body, it also takes time and consistent work to shift your mindset. Always be kind to you (it’s worth the work). – That is all. Happy Friday ❤️

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Amanda Bisk – @amandabisk

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MY TOP TIP FOR THE HOLIDAY SEASON 👊🏼 you know, the time between Christmas and New Years where you don’t know what day it is, you’ve eaten Christmas food 4 days in a row, you can’t remember the last time you worked out, and you’ve definitely had your fair share of wines 😑 haha This time of year is wonderful and I really encourage you guys to make the most of the indulgence! For some of us, it is the only time of year you get to spend quality time with the important people in your life, all in one place! 🥰 Be kind to yourself, look after your body, mind, and eachother…and don’t worry, we will all get back into the workout wagon together!! 👇🏼 So what’s my tip? Try to keep moving everyday, even if it is just a walk to get your morning coffee, an at home workout with the family, a bike ride, a short jog at the park, some bodyweight exercises in the living room, or getting the Uber to drop you off just before your house after a big night and walking the rest of the way 😜 Although it might be much less than your usual fitness routine, your body and mind will appreciate the kick of endorphins (and you will feel better!) PLUS it will be so much easier to get back into your full workout routine when you’re ‘back to reality’ 😝🙌🏼 PS. I have a special surprise for you guys in FEBRUARY that will definitely help you get back on track! I’ve given you a few weeks to get ready for it! 💪🏼😉 #holidaytips Lots of love ♥️

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